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Harsdorf seeks re-election to State Senate seat

State Sen. Sheila Harsdorf

State Sen. Sheila Harsdorf announced the kickoff to her re-election campaign while traveling across the 10th Senate District this past few days.

Citing her focus on kitchen table issues affecting working families, Harsdorf expressed her eagerness to continue supporting job growth, economic development, and tax relief.

“Since the change of leadership in Madison in 2010 our state has seen a remarkable rebound,” Harsdorf said. “Our state’s unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half; we have one of the highest workforce participation rates in the nation, and fiscal sanity has returned to state government.”

Harsdorf stated that her campaign will be focused on pocketbook issues critical to working families and on responding to the needs of our communities in western Wisconsin. Additional funding for skills training, controlling property taxes, and providing tools to treat mental health and substance abuse are key platforms of Harsdorf’s campaign.

More information about Harsdorf’s policy positions will be made available online at

“I am proud to have helped lead the way to lower property taxes, responsible budgeting, and government reforms in the State Senate,” Harsdorf said. “Additionally, I am honored to advance the ideas and suggestions I receive from ordinary citizens seeking to address challenges in their communities, such as the HOPE Agenda to reduce heroin overdoses and improve treatment.

“I look forward to moving forward on our growth and prosperity agenda,” Harsdorf said. “Now is not the time to return to the big spending ways of the past that led to billions in higher taxes on citizens and massive budget deficits. By putting working families and taxpayers first we will be successful in fighting for family-supporting jobs and a lower tax burden.”