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Letters to the Editor

Our Wisconsin Revolution


It's no exaggeration to say that our political system is severely broken. Popular opinion of Congress hovers just above single digits, yet reelection rates top 90 percent. Chronic problems handicap any effort to achieve meaningful reform. Lobbyists and wealthy financial donors claim more representation in the halls of Congress than "We The People" do. Our government has ditched the best interests of the people for corporate and elitist demands, much to our detriment. This is, of course, nothing new.

But we can renew our contract with meaningful self-governance. It starts right here in Hudson — with Our Wisconsin Revolution (OWR). OWR is part of the larger family of Our Revolution, a nationwide organization launched by Sen. Bernie Sanders after his 2016 presidential bid to carry on the political revolution. We are an independent, statewide, membership-driven, democratic-populist political organization that aims to take Wisconsin government back from corporate elites and make it of, by, and for the people. Throughout the state, OWR works alongside progressive allies in the work of resistance. But OWR takes the fight a step further with the express goal, woven into the organization's DNA, of electing progressive champions to enact change. And that change comes in the form of eliminating money from politics, establishing health care as a right, ending gerrymandering, and making our planet great again, to name a few. We are action-oriented and goal-focused in all we do.

You are invited to an informational meeting about starting an OWR chapter in Hudson. The meeting will take place on Saturday, Aug. 5 at the Hudson Library starting at 1 p.m. We would love to have you (and a friend!) join us as we discuss more about OWR and how to establish a permanent chapter in Hudson.

The political revolution has never been about just one person. It's about the hope of a people and the undying spirit driving this nation toward a more perfect union. We will begin to move in that direction again, because at the end of the day this is our revolution, our fight.

Michael Sauer


Family is grateful for country wedding


I am writing to thank area businesses for their exceptional help in creating my son's perfect country wedding. It all began at Beth's Jewelry Shop with beautiful rings and exceptional services. The groom's dinner at JJ's Outpost was perfect for an outdoor dinner! The wedding was held on Saturday, July 22, just west of the New Richmond Airport, who created a quiet zone for us during the wedding (along with many great neighbors).

Local businesses supplied needed materials to have the outdoor wedding ceremony and the dance under the stars: Farm and Home; Express Lube and Rental and Powers Liquid

Waste Management. Flower pots adorned the wedding site with amazing flowers from Garden

Expressions, Cincotta Family Farms and Barnyard Botanicals (River Falls). Bridal bouquets along with tent supplies and decorations were provided by Apple Blossoms Events.

Area businesses had a wide variety beverages for the celebration: Madison Avenue Wine & Spirits (Hudson) and Lumberjack Liquors.

Special thanks to the New Richmond Power Lifting Team. They rallied to complete needed tasks

throughout the event in a professional manner: they were awesome! Amazing accommodations were also available for many of the 300 guests, along with shuttle services from Short Bus Parties. Several guests camped at Hatfield Park Campground and others stayed at hotels: AmericInn, Astoria Inn and Suites and AmeriVu Inn and Suites.

One guest stated, "The AmeriVu has a great breakfast; they are super accommodating and their staff is amazing! One of the best hotels we have stayed at in Wisconsin!" All of the wonderful local businesses and groups listed did exceptional work in making Tyler and Erin's wedding day perfect and we sincerely appreciated their services! "Shop Local" really meant a lot to me this summer! Thanks very much to you all!

Pam O'Reilly

New Richmond

Town of Richmond changes


At the last Town of Richmond Planning Commission meeting, a member asked for a vote allowing a real estate developer to change the county mandated restriction on lot size and allow the developer to change lot sizes to 1 acre. This is in a development on the east side of New Richmond close to the city limits that is known for $400,000 to $500,000 houses.

Some of those who own those houses in the development objected to the suggested change at the last Town of Richmond Board meeting. The developer was in attendance and indicated if the town doesn't approve the change, then he'll petition the city to annex that part of the development and ask for 1/2 acre lots.

The menacing "If you don't do this...I'll do that."

Oh. I forgot to mention the Planning Commission member who wanted the vote is also the developer, the owner of the land in the development. It was brought up that this change will cost the town at least $2,500 for a lawyer and possible additional costs for meetings, possible referendum voting, all kinds of costs that the Town Board voted to pay for on a 3-2 basis.

I was expecting that the developer would stand up in front of the unhappy folks and say his company will pay for any costs associated with getting this change approved or even acted on, but nothing. Maybe at the next meeting he'll tell the town that he's covering all the costs associated with the project.

To make it look like there is not a conflict of interest, the board also approved allowing smaller lots in other subdivisions, knowing the county is about to rule that there be nothing smaller than 2 acres because of well water use and groundwater impact just from current development.

The Town Board doesn't want to lose land to the city and some appear to really want to accommodate the developer, even if it means using town money. Three of give on the board approved the request.

Changes to county standards are not all bad or out of line, it's just that those benefitting should be paying the out of pocket costs, not the town taxpayers.

David Kramer

New Richmond

Lyme support group


Have you ever had any questions about Lyme Disease?

Would you like to meet others who have had Lyme disease as well as some of the co-infections that often accompany this often times debilitating disease?

Our Western Wisconsin Lyme Education and Support Group meets the fourth Thursday of every month, April through October, at 7 p.m. in Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Amery. The church is located on County Road F. We welcome all who are interested .

Ann Krisik