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Letters: They don't deserve monuments; Foxconn a good deal?

They don't deserve monuments


In a letter to the New Richmond News on Aug. 24, Robert Aufderhar writes that he feels obligated to "express some reality into the hatred and ignorance expressed against Confederate soldiers....who served their country...." He continues by saying that "the Civil War was started because some of the states did not want to become part of the Union." Finally he claims that "Initially, the war had nothing to do with perpetuating slavery."

Mr. Aufderhar is misinformed.

First, Confederate soldiers did not serve their country. They killed fellow citizens defending that country.

Second, Confederate states were part of the Union.

Third, it was clear that the Civil War would be fought to preserve slavery before the first shot was fired by Confederate gunners in April 1861.

Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States of America, stated on March 21, 1861, "Our new government is founded...upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery—subordination to the superior race—is his natural and normal condition."

The soldiers knew this. A Confederate veteran, Ed Baxter, speaking at a reunion in 1889, explained, "In a word, the South determined to fight for her property rights in slaves...." and Col. John S. Mosby wrote to a fellow veteran in 1894 about why the Civil War was fought, "I've never heard of any other cause than slavery."

I don't doubt that Mr. Aufderhar believes what he wrote. However, his assertions are those spread by Neo-Nazis, Sons of the Confederacy and other Alt-Right groups who deliberately lie.

Anyone who fought for the Confederacy helped kill over 350,000 loyal American soldiers, 3,802 of them from Wisconsin. Traitors who kill loyal Americans don't deserve monuments.


Chuck Rang

New Richmond


We'll be left to pay the interest


The recent Foxconn manufacturing deal for Wisconsin has been in the news recently. It supposedly is the best deal for Wisconsin since Scott Walker was elected governor.

In response for a promise to start up a large, new manufacturing plant somewhere in S.E Wisconsin to make LCD flat screen monitors such as used in iPhones, the state taxpayers will pony up $3 billion in economic incentives to the company. That on top of needed additional highway infrastructure construction (for the project) and freedom from most environmental responsibilities in building the facilities.

According to our Legislative Fiscal Bureau's estimate the state would break even on this incentive package in about the year 2043, and that is only if the new plant actually employs 13,000 people. Even then the incentive package would come at a cost of $230,000 per job! Yes, Wisconsin badly needs more jobs but here we are dealing with a rather unscrupulous Chinese firm with a poor reputation for carrying out promises of establishing manufacturing in the U.S. Check with Pennsylvania.

We should have an ironclad guarantee from Foxconn to do what they promise or suffer serious penalties. So far I believe our Assembly has passed the incentive package with little or no penalty attached for failing to deliver. Our western Wisconsin Republican Assemblymen, including Shannon Zimmerman, have already voted to approve it but they and Sheila Harsdorf, if she votes for it which she will if Walker and Fitzgerald want it, should explain to us where the $3 billion is coming from.

If someone proposed a bill that provided that kind of support for education or health care in the state, they all would have a fit. Are they going to take it from funds for education or health care? From the road building funds? Are they going to tax the rich, the working class, homeowners, or corporations? Are they going to borrow it - the most likely scenario? That would leave us, our children, and our grandchildren to pay the interest.

Lou Greub

River Falls


The real enemy


The news media has become our real enemy. Fair, accurate and balanced news reporting often ends up under their editor's finger when he/she hits the delete button. The media sometimes provides misinformation to the public and will often over-report or under-report a story based on what is most beneficial to their political agenda.

We have imbeciles in Washington spending millions of tax dollars in an attempt to find collusion between President Trump and Russia over the last election. I have seen none but if you want to see collusion between two groups to falsely affect the outcome of the last election, just look at the media and the democrats. It was everywhere and it is still happening today. I once appreciated the media. I thought they kept people in line, especially our politicians, with investigative and accurate reporting. The media has become what it used to expose.

The media continues to push its political agenda. They are doing their best to stir up fear and keep hate alive. We have groups of several hundred people protesting and rioting around this country who make the news each and every day because the media wants you to believe it's millions of people who are protesting and the media is doing its damnedest to blame the reasons for these protests on President Trump. In reality, these protesters will not accept the fact they lost the election so this is how they behave, funded by far Left rich white guys, no doubt.

In Virginia, a (white) lady is killed by a white guy and it's a media blowout because the perpetrator has ties to a white supremacist group. Yet, more than 450 people have been murdered in Chicago this year already and it's crickets in the media. Combined these Chicago victims have not gotten a fraction of the news coverage as the one lady killed in Virginia! It's not reported because it doesn't fit the media's agenda about white guys with NRA hats killing innocent women and children.

Look at the last two high profile police shootings in the Minneapolis area. The victims were Philando Castile and Justine Damond. Please look back at the news articles and news reports. How many times did you see Castile described in the heading or opening paragraph as black and how many times did you see Damond described in the same context as white? How about the skin color of the two cops involved? Look at the difference in the amount of news coverage given to the two shootings. Whatever did happen to the Damond investigation?

Funny thing though with the media's propaganda campaign, it only works if they have a white person to blame it on! The media does a great job of keeping the fear and the hate alive. Their rhetoric hurts us all and we must begin to hold them accountable, one way or another.

Thomas Wulf

New Richmond