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Village of Star Prairie to write off $3,170.25 due from NR Fire & Rescue

At their meeting Wednesday evening, Sept. 6, Star Prairie trustees failed to receive any satisfaction from New Richmond Fire & Rescue (NRF&R) regarding $3,170.25 in receivables related to water loss and installation of a flow meter per Department of Natural Resources requirements at station II.

"NRF&R said the backflow preventer, which would have been required by the DNR anyway, should have been our cost regardless. So they didn't want to pay for that portion. With regard to water loss, there was no way to prove or quantify how much they did use, if they used any. They estimated they used no more than $25 worth, not enough to justify paying for half of the $3170.25. We don't know how much water they used because we didn't have a meter installed. That's why we wanted the meter. We needed to be able to show where the loss was coming from, verify our loss, or at least rule them out. In the future, they asked that if we have something coming up that needs to be done, to run it by them first instead of just submitting a bill afterwards," explained trustee Dan Scheeringa.

"There's nothing in the village contract with NRF&R about that," Village Attorney Tim Scott pointed out.

Trustees voted unanimously to write off the $3,170.25 receivable as a bad debt.

Other business

• Police Chief Lewis reported the statewide mandated conversion of law enforcement radio communication systems to a digital platform was moved up several years to take effect Thursday, Sept. 7. The department was able to successfully convert the squad radio and two portables to the digital platform, however the base station at the office will have to be replaced. "With the new system, it looks like our communications will be 100 percent better," said Lewis.

• President Chad Peterson reported that TPC accepted Scott's recommendations with regard to changes to the contract for upgrading the communications equipment for the operations and maintenance department. Upgrades should be installed shortly.