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St. Croix County launches new website

A screenshot shows the homepage of the new St. Croix County website. The site launched Nov. 1.

St. Croix County has a new look with a new website that officially launched Wednesday, Nov. 1.

The new site at is designed to be easier for users, and provides an overdue update to the county's system.

"Our current site was launched seven years ago," Systems Programmer Annette Massie said. "In the industry they usually say every three to four years you should do a refresh."

Relaunching the site was part of an initiative that started at the county board. Supervisors asked the county administration to find better ways to communicate with citizens.

"Part of that was certainly our web presence," Massie said.

The refresh starts with the new web address, which Information Technology Director John Allegro said was chosen to be easier to remember and communicate than the previous

The site is designed to help visitors locate the answers they need quickly, with the search bar and well-labeled tabs at the focus of the design. Common reasons for visiting like property information, county events calendar and board meeting minutes and agendas are all linked on the home page.

"We want them to be able to find the information they need at any hour of the day," Allegro said.

Mobile access to the site will be easier now too, with the new site designed to be mobile responsive.

"So it will fit your technology," Massie said.

Further adapting to changing technology, the site also has social media links and access.

"We wanted to make it easily accessible to users on all platforms," Allegro said.

Appearance was also an important consideration with the new site. A photographer was hired to get photos of scenes from all over St. Croix County that will be displayed on the site.

"We try to capture St. Croix County in all four seasons and all four corners," Allegro said.

One of the new features also includes "notify me" and "report a concern" links where citizens can get in more direct contact with the county.

"That's where we're trying to facilitate engagement," Massie said.

Overall the county wants the new site to connect it to its citizens.

"We're hoping for more engagement with our potential residents, current residents, businesses," Allegro said.

Now that the site is launched, the county is also planning for a mobile app within the next month or so.

To keep it from falling back again, the website will have another refresh in three to four years, as well as updates along the way.

"Which will help keep it current and keep it alive," Allegro said.

Rebecca Mariscal

Rebecca Mariscal joined the Hudson Star Observer as a reporter in 2016. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in communication and journalism. 

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