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Panther Pause: Standards Based Assessing and Reporting: Part 2

Glenn H. Webb

It has been a great fall in many ways at St. Croix Central, especially in athletics. Students and coaches have been working extremely hard to attain the success they are seeing. I believe that some of this success can be attributed to the work our student athletes, coaches and other staff have put in over the past three or four years, since we raised our standards in athletics, implemented the Panther Way including the of Bigger, Faster, Stronger training program and the completion of the outstanding athletic and fitness facilities our community provided us through our last referendum. When we revamped our programs, we set clear, visible expectations including specific training plans for our students and staff so they knew exactly what needed to be done. This outcome is similar to what I believe we will see in our academics after we implement Standards-Based Assessing and Grading across our entire district. The information below will explain the purpose Standards-Based Assessing and Grading and some additional details about it.

The purpose of Standards-Based Assessing and Grading is to improve student achievement by focusing on instruction and curriculum alignment with essential standards (clear, visible expectations) created at SCC which were adapted from the Wisconsin State Standards (specific plans). Standards-Based grading and reporting will provide better communication to students, parents, teachers and administrators on what each student knows and is able to do according to the identified standards. It will also assess the influence of positive and consistent work habits on student learning while improving work ethic, respect for feedback, along with teaching students more about responding to and learning from mistakes.

Standards-Based Assessing and Grading measures the mastery of the learning objectives, or how well students understand the material in class. It is based on a specific set of standards that students need to meet for each grade/content level. Grade marks are not a comparison of one student to another, but rather a way to measure how well students are doing on grade-level/course level standards. A standards based approach allows parents and students to understand more clearly what is expected of students and how to help them be successful in their educational program.

Although we talk about the "change" to Standards-Based Assessing and Grading, some things will remain very similar to what they are now. We will still calculate grade point averages (GPA's), we will still have an academic honor system, we will still have traditional transcripts to send to post-secondary institutions and we will still utilize Individual Education Plans (IEP's) for those students who need that support.

We are still looking for feedback and will continue to provide information as we develop our plans. If you have any comments, concerns or questions about Standards-Based Assessing and Grading, please contact anyone on the administrative team or myself directly at 715-796-4500 or Thanks for all of your support!