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Vote Patty

Vote Patty


I am pleased that we have a real choice in this special election and that the candidate I support is talking about real issues that affect us all.

If you just looked at the mailers Mr. Jarchow has circulated you might think that state government officials were about to come into our homes and confiscate all the guns in the state. That, and that the states favorite color is blaze orange rather than Badger Red. As is too often the case in our elections these days, scaring people about threats that are really never going to happen is the way to run.

This is just so tiresome. We have real issues that threaten all of us in this election and Patty Schatchner is the only person talking about them. There is the very real, life threatening threat that opioids and other drugs have wrought across our state. There is a mental health crisis that affects individuals and families from rich to poor. Cuts to education from the primary grades right through to our states premier higher education system along with those to services for seniors and the disability community are far more serious threats to the quality of life in the 10th district than some made up threat to the second amendment or unquestioning loyalty to party leadership above common sense.

I know Patty means it when she says she doesnt care if an idea is Republican or Democrat. It only matters if it will improve things for the people of our district and the state. She spearheaded the state's first of its kind publication about the serious mental health issues that threaten families, from teens to seniors - "We are all in this together." That title says it all about how Patty works and how she would approach problem solving in the State Senate.

I think we are all tired of how things are operating in government these days and I believe that if we send someone like Patty to the state assembly, there are likely others already there who would be ready to join her in a new, positive approach to getting things done.

Lets really make this election a special one and show that we are not going to settle for the same old partisan crap when we have real problems that need solutions. Patty Schachtner IS one of us. So lets put her to work for ALL of us.

Meg Heaton