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VILLAGE OF ROBERTS: 3/12/18 Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 11:24pm

MONDAY, March 12, 2018 - 7:00 PM
Regular Village Board Meeting Agenda
Report of Meeting Notification
Approval of Minutes of February 12, 2018
Approval of Treasurer's Report
Public Concerns
I. Department Reports
A. Report from Police Department
B. Report from Director of Public Works
C. Report from Library Director
D. Report from Municipal Judge
II. Committee Reports and Recommendations
A. Park Board
B. Plan Commission
1. Building Inspector Report
2. Ed Flanum - Extra-Territorial Approval for 1 Lot CSM in
the NW1/4 of the NW1/4 Section 32, Dick Stout.
3. Ed Flanum – Extra-Territorial Approval for 2 Lot CSM in
the NE1/4 of the NE ¼ Section 31, Dick Stout.
4. Ed Flanum – Extra-Territorial Approval for 3 Lot CSM in
the SE1/4 of the NE1/4 Section 31, Dick Stout.
5. Christian Orosz – Discussion Regarding Church at Old
Grocery Store.
6. Owen Norcutt – Lot 200 in Rolling Meadows looking for
waiver regarding setback.
7. Discussion/Revision to Open Burning Ordinance
#2008-4VB – Open Burning
8. Discussion/Revisions to Ordinance #2014-4VB
Regarding Chicken Licensing.
C. CDA Board
D. Finance Committee
E. Public Safety Committee
F. Public Works Committee
G. Fire Association
III. Old Business
A. John Hancock and Diane May's Property Cleanup
B. Discussion/Approval to use Verizon as the main telephone/fax
C. Discussion/approval to hire Bakke Norman Law Office to
Update Employee Handbook
IV. New Business
1. Employee Education Requests and Expense Reports
2. Approval of Operator's Licenses
3. Approval of Ordinance No 2018-01VB – Open Burning
4. Sidetrack Saloon - Liquor License Extension for Good
Neighbor Days – May 31 – June 4, 2018
5. Discussion regarding sidewalks on South Division St.
6. Convene into closed session per Wisconsin State Statute 19.85(1)c Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility regarding the Municipal Judge's request for a wage increase
7. Adjourn closed session and reconvene into open session
8. Action from closed session
9. Payment of the Bills.
10. Other Business
11. Adjourn
Items on the agenda may not be presented in this order.
Agenda may change up to 24 hours before meeting.
Megan Dull, Village Clerk
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