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Stafsholt wins bid for second term in Assembly District 29

A day of gray skies and evening chilled by the snow was no match for the fevered pitch of voters around the state who showed up in record numbers to deliver their verdict on the rising discord in politics across the state and around the country.

Republican incumbent Rob Stafsholt bucked the Democratic wave and won his bid for reelection to the 29th District Assembly seat defeating his Democratic challenger John Rocco Calabrese and Libertarian candidate Brian Corriea. At 11 p.m. with 86 percent of the votes counted, Stafsholt held a healthy lead garnering 58 percent of the vote to 39 percent of the vote for Rocco Calabrese and 3 percent of the vote for Corriea.

A fourth generation farmer from Erin Prairie, Stafsholt campaigned on his record working on behalf of small business owners to expand opportunity, fighting for good paying jobs, protecting individual freedoms and working across the aisle to pass mental health legislation. Stafsholt pledged to continue working to find an affordable, accessible health care solution, to continue to focus on workforce development and expand economic opportunity for everyone particularly in rural communities and to strengthen policies to protect the environment. Stafsholt has been praised for his tough stance on taxes, investment in keeping tuition for technical colleges and public universities affordable and his support of Second Amendment rights. Stafsholt promised to continue to pursue better broadband access for all of the communities in his district and particularly for underserved rural communities in his district.

Stafsholt had this to say about his hard fought victory.

“The turnout today was incredible. Even though we disagree on issues, it’s nice that people are engaged. I’m glad that they came out and exercised their right to vote.  It’s an important part of the process. Both sides had a good turnout from what I’ve seen and that’s a winning deal for everybody.

“Hats off to both John and Brian for putting their names on the ballot. Being scrutinized, interrupting your life and your family and kids and the time away is an incredible thing to do. I have the utmost respect for both of those gentlemen. Not everyone is willing to do this.

“I have to thank my friends and my family, all my supporters here, a lot of good people that helped me all summer to get this done. Now it’s time to head back to Madison and take their voice down there to make sure Madison is aware of the things we need, our desires  and our policy needs up here in Northwest Wisconsin.”