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Letters to the Editor

When it's time to spell america with a capital 'A'


I am american. I was born and raised here in america. Within me is a strong need to be able to respect and honor my country once again.

When it's no longer made inconvenient or impossible for "undesirable" voters to achieve their right to vote in america, when our right to privacy is no longer violated when we register, I will be able to again consider my country honorable. When we use our unlimited power and resources to help all across the globe to have these same basic, common sense rights, I can again bow to my country.

When my country regains a leadership that does not dictate to me whom I should hate and disregard, whom I am allowed to love and respect, I will know that I have an honorable leadership again. I do not comply with the current dictator's wishes to disrespect and disregard my sisters and brothers with other skin pigments and other religions. I also refuse to join your dehumanization of gay and transgender people. I am disgusted by your physical and mental walls of separation. I am not nearly weak-minded enough to allow your toxic seeds of hate to grow in my soil.

When my once beautiful and healthy country has a leadership that acknowledges and protects the divine rights of every individual living being, I will know I have a truly wise and honorable leadership. The divine rights and gifts for all include untainted and safe air, water and nutrients, the right to live out their lives unthreatened and supported throughout old age. This is every being's right. If we don't want cruelty, suffering and violence in our lives, then we need to stop being cruel and violent. We must lead by example.

We are by far the most overpopulated, invasive and destructive species that exists; overpopulation is an unwise and hypocritical excuse for murder. The great thing is that we have a great variety of sports that promote fair and good sportsmanship. It truly is more rewarding and less embarrassing to bond over a fair game where both or all opponents have equal equipment than it is to cheat your way to a "win."

When our riches are no longer wasted on bailing out careless bankers and on ridiculously excessive amounts of extravagant war, military toys and weapons, and are instead used to fight trafficking, repair and restore the earth back to a state of health so she can sustain us, and provide workers with enough benefits and pay that they can experience a quality of life during this divine gift of life that they were given, I will know it's time again to spell America with a capital A!

Shaney Johnson

New Richmond