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Ginny Scheiderer column: Yeti to leave winter behind?

Yeti to leave winter behind? Yeti to try a new author? Yeti to know more?

Let us help usher out the cold as we approach the annual celebration of libraries across the nation, April 7-13. We invite adult readers to share a brief review of a title they read over the long winter. If it is a classic, a movie tie-in, an ongoing series, or a debut author, we want to know your opinion. Each review is an entry for a fabulous reward.

We have 20 reusable book bags to give away, in a lovely shade of purple, widely believed to mimic the color of Bigfoot's favorite fingernail polish. At the end of the month, we will draw for these highly coveted totes. In addition, two people will take home a gift card from either Subway or Starbucks. Forms can be picked up at the Somerset Public Library beginning April 1; there is no limit to the number you can submit.

To help guide you through the maze of genres being published, we have implemented a bouquet of suggestions through a custom set of bookmarks. "STAFF PICKS" are an analog answer to the question of what to read next. Each member of our library family have been asked to personally recommend books by slipping a bookmark between the pages of a favorite title. This has led to lively conversations and engaging insights between people who share similar tastes in literature. The diversity of content and styles which staff have picked are sure to make a connection with readers seeking variety in their book selections.

Another option for choosing your next great read is to browse the display of books written by Minnesota and Wisconsin authors. Although both fiction and non-fiction titles will be featured throughout the month, it seems our local writers lean toward a mystery. Often the landscape and geography become secondary characters whether the Great Lakes or the Chain of Lakes is the setting.

There is no mystery surrounding the fact that we have outgrown our 3,500 square foot building! Recently, we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Renew Somerset Public Library campaign to remodel and expand the 25-year-old structure. During the past 12 months there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to keep the momentum going. Joining the growing list of financial supporters is the Otto Bremer Trust which has awarded a $75,000 grant to facilitate the ambitious project. Their endorsement helps confirm the vision of the Library Board, volunteers, and donors who see the library as an essential part of a thriving community. We are all yeti—I mean ready—to build on the traditional model of what a library has to offer, as well as seek out creative ways to give back to our friends and families, and possibly the occasional Sasquatch.