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Letter: Teacher endorse local candidates

To the Editor:

We write this letter as some of the teachers who organized the event mentioned in Ms. Winkleman's recent letter.

Winkleman's letter contained a number of interesting statements, starting with her assertion that the event was organized in some way by any candidates -- it wasn't. The event was put on by us -- the local Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) chapter, a group of dedicated educators who want to promote political candidates that will support our public schools.

All candidates, regardless of political party, had gone through a rigorous screening process and vote by our total WEAC membership before being endorsed. Alison Page and Representative Ann Hraychuck supported public education in their answers, were endorsed, and were voted by our membership as candidates who would support public education.

Assembly candidates Chris Buckel and Sarah Bruch also did. The other candidates did not. Therefore, Alison Page and Representative Ann Hraychuck along with Chris Buckel and Sarah Bruch were the candidates that were invited to the event.

In addition, Ms. Winkleman states that we should have invited their non-endorsed opponents, including State Senator Sheila Harsdorf. As taxpayers here in Northwestern Wisconsin, we disagree that Senator Harsdorf's record of voting to send millions of our tax dollars to fund private schools in Milwaukee makes her the "advocate for the efficient, effective, responsive and fully accountable public education system," that Ms. Winkleman calls her.

What's really "shameful" is the way that some politicians claim to support building strong public schools for our kids while endorsing policies that do the opposite. Our kids and their education are just too important for that kind of double-talk, and that's why we are proud to be supporting Alison Page for State Senate and Representative Ann Hraychuck, Chris Buckel and Sarah Bruch for Assembly.

Meg Farrington

Star Prairie

Co-signed by:

Harold Rivard

Jody Keller

Lori Baillargeon

Jennifer Nickowski

Cynthia Isaac

Toni Rivard