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Letter: UW should clarify research goals

To the Editor:

If the University of Wisconsin does not intend to use the body parts of aborted babies for research they must say so, thus clearing the air in that regard.

It recently came to light that our prestigious university is making plans to work with Madison Surgery Center to perform abortions on babies at 13-22 weeks gestation. I have also heard that medical school residents will take part in abortion procedure training.

Add to that the research history of UW dating back to at least 1989 when they admitted to using aborted infants for research, and what conclusion must one draw regarding the body parts from preborn children?

The plot thickens with finds of published articles from the University of Wisconsin's Department of Surgery telling of transplant potential of the human fetal pancreas.

According to one research article, "multiple donors would be required" for a pancreatic transplant. Might the UW be entering the business of buying and selling baby body parts?

Will the medical residents be trained to carefully cut up unsuspecting preborn children in order to keep their tender organs intact? What procedure will be used? Will the baby receive anesthetic before being dismembered? Is the University of Wisconsin currently deep in the abortion industry? If so, they must be forthcoming in letting us, the citizens and taxpayers of Wisconsin, know.

Overall, the question of why our university, which trains our children, is involved in the abortion business in the first place begs an answer.

Please call the following people and ask some hard questions:

• Donna Katen-Bahensky, president and CEO, UW Hospitals and Clinics at 608-263-6400.

• Dr. Jeffrey Grossman, president and CEO, UW Medical Foundation at 608-263-7013.

• Jim Woodward, president and CEO, Meriter Hospital at 608-417-6000.

Mary Weigand

West Bend