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Letter: Stand for life and against abortion

To the Editor:

During the Florida Gaters vs. the Oklahoma Sooners National Football championship game, Heisman Trophy winner, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was lavishly praised by the media for being an outstanding young man and for his amazing accomplishments for such a young man.

If Pam Tebow, his mother, had listened to doctors, Tim would have been aborted.

They told her that drugs she had taken for amoebic dysentery when she was a missionary in the Philippines were going to cause irreversible damage to the baby causing devastating disabilities, according to J. T. Finn, director of Pro Life America.

According to Citizenlink (10-15-08), former New York Giant Chris Godfrey said he shudders to think of the millions of Tim Tebows who aren't here today. He also said, "You just have to wonder how many good things did not come into our world because of our unwillingness to say 'Yes' and trust God."

Have you ever thought about that? People who could have helped with curing diseases, found answers for problems society struggles with or been leaders to guide our country and were never given a chance to live. Ronald Regan said that the people who are for abortion are living. Someone gave them life.

A disturbing article titled "University of WI Hospitals Secret Plan to Perform Second-Trimester Abortions Unveiled" on (1-15-2009), reveals that because no abortion business in Madison does them, a group of UW Health physicians wants to do abortions on babies into the second trimester and on disabled babies at the Madison Surgery Center, which is jointly sponsored by UW Health and Meriter Hospital. The center's board would have to sign off on it.

According to the article, in recent years, UWHC researchers have experimented on almost fully formed body parts obtained from second-trimester abortions performed nearby, and now all of those abortions would be performed in UWHC's joint venture.

Pro-life law firm Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney, Matt Bowman, sent a letter to UWHC President and CEO Donna Katen-Bohensky and the presidents of Meriter and the UW Medical Foundation expressing opposition and concerns. ( another article 1-15-2009). Bowman said the idea to do abortions is an expansion on the research UWHC already does on body parts from babies killed in abortion.

How outrageous. In America doctors doing research on human baby parts! First they kill the unborn, then they use them for research. What next? The hospital and clinic were built and funded to promote life and health not death.

Please stand for life. Call and express opposition to the UW plan to Sen. Sheila Harsdorf and Rep. Ann Hraychuck. The hotline number is 800-362-9472.

Contact the Madison Surgery Center at http:www.madisonsurgece or madisonsurgecen Also Donna Katen-Bahensky, president and CEO, UW Hospital and Clinics at 608-263-6400, Jeffrey Grossman, MD, president and CEO, UW Medical Foundation at 608-263-7013, and Jim Woodward, president and CEO, Meriter Hospital at 608-417-6000. It only takes a couple minutes each and it is critically important. Thank you for standing for life.

MaryEllen Olson