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LETTER: Cyberbullying needs to be stopped

To the Editor:

A concern of ours currently is cyberbullying. This topic came to our attention when we watched a movie called "Cyberbully." Cyberbullying can be malicious and has taken many teens' lives.

Cyberbullying has gotten worse and easier because there is more technology now than before. We are worried that our fellow students will fall victim to cyberbullying.

Many government officials say there is nothing they can do about cyberbullying because it's on the Internet. We believe there can be more moderation and supervision. By hiring people to supervise Internet activity, it also would create more jobs.

Please take this letter into consideration to print in your newspaper. It would share an important concern that affects teens everywhere and everyday.

McKayla Rey,

Abigail Shortell,

Victoria Fox,

Harmony Adler