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Fundamental change: We must be the first to lead

It starts with a moment that can change history.

A spark of hope that snaps us out of our over extended, multi-tasking, constantly consuming lives allowing us to glimpse what the future can be, a chance to be better than we are, not just a little better, much better parents, teachers, neighbors and leaders.

The veil is lifted, our eyes are opened, our imaginations are engaged, and we begin to believe in a purpose larger than ourselves.

We remember how it works; we stop taking and start giving, stop talking and start listening, stop searching and start believing.

I am troubled by the thought that the office of the president has become just another CEO’s position and not one that highly qualified individuals seek. Any number of other private sector jobs are preferred well ahead of President of the United States.

America has written off this office as part of the game, just another player, a consequence of money and influence. We don’t look our children in the eye any longer and say, “you can become anything you want” openly hoping that it might be the presidency to which he or she aspires.

We have surrendered our hand in our own governance.

The president is our direct hand, our voice, and our conscience in the everyday execution of the Constitution. The road to restoring the respect this office deserves must be earned by the right individual at the right moment in history.

To lead today is not just a matter of might, it must be also a matter of heart and ideals. The president must know when it takes more courage to surrender than to keep killing.

He must also posses the strength to bear the burden of losing sons and daughters when we must defend those who cannot defend themselves, when no one else will step forward.

Make no mistake, this presidency will require great courage maybe more than any before it.

The great hope of what can be will not come about if we do not stand up now, right now, every day until the deal is done.

I want to be able to admire the president again, to believe in America again.

We need to find a way to recognize the differences in each of us but also yield to the greater good, realize there is a point at which individual freedom can only come from our collective sacrifice.

We need to raise the bar, to have goals we aspire to that may not be achieved in our own lifetime.

We need to set an example before we lose touch with our own history of sacrifice.

Will this election mark the beginning of a new day so many people have hoped for, including me?

Some things are certain; there is a lot to be done, it will take time, mistakes will be made along the way and it will require all of us to work together.

I think deep down each of us knows it’s about so much more than us right now in this moment.

We must find a way to adopt philanthropy at the core of our actions, make it our motivation as a nation, share our technology and experience, but also our conviction and compassion.

The world will follow, but we must first lead.

Tom Lindfors has been a reporter with the New Richmond News since January 2012.