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Friday Library Column:It's Money Smart Week!

This week is Money Smart Week! Money Smart Week is an annual event when libraries and financial institutions collaborate to bring financial literacy skills, resources, and knowledge to their communities. According to the American Library Association, last year more than 1,000 libraries participated, including public, academic, prison, and school libraries! Money Smart Week was co-created seven years ago by the American Library Association and the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago.

This year at the Friday Memorial Library, Money Smart Week is sponsored by the Royal Credit Union. The RCU will have a table at the library all week featuring informational resources on financial literacy. On Friday, April 27, at 2 p.m., the RCU will present a seminar on SMART Saving and Spending. You will be given tools to gain control of your cash flow and create a financial plan that includes your past, present, and future. You will also learn strategies to achieve your short and long term financial goals.

Thank you to the RCU for their support, and we hope to see all of you at the library to get SMART!