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Kiwanis Kronicle: Blessed to have known Bill Derrick, for other members

Kiwanis Club of New Richmond recently received donation from Walmart to be used towards continuing their vision, providing support and service to our community and it’s youth for nearly 100 years! Pictured are (from left) Lindsey Springer, Kiwanis President Elect; and New Richmond Walmart assistant managers Danette Hunsberger and Becky Lundin. Submitted photo

Kiwanis=Kids and the name Kiwanis comes from the Ojibwe language roughly meaning "Play With Noise or Make Oneself Known."

We were blessed to have Bill Derrick play with noise and make himself known through Kiwanis since 1968. He joined to help our children live a better life and to visit with other members. Bill made a LOT of noise and certainly made himself known in our community. We are very sad to say goodbye but very blessed to have known him.

Debbie Suennen Rickard had written a tribute to Bill and it is very fitting. She wrote: "We are so fortunate for the volunteerism, leadership and friendship of Bill Derrick. He was a member of our Kiwanis Club of New Richmond for just over 50 years. This year Bill was acknowledged at the Kiwanis International level by his local Kiwanis Club members with a George F. Hixon Fellowship. Bill enjoyed our Club Golf Outings as well as visiting other Clubs for their events. We appreciate all the time and support Bill provided the Kiwanis Club of New Richmond and our community. Many lives have been touched by those fortunate enough to have known him. Bill will be missed by his Kiwanis friends."

Losing Bill is difficult for our entire community, not just our Kiwanis Club. He loved everyone and was always full of stories and quips. It is a great reminder to make every day count and bring joy to all we do. Thank you Bill Derrick.

As we move forward, finding creative ways to support our children continues. Lindsey Springer, our next president of Kiwanis-New Richmond, was inspired to write a grant request to Walmart and received a $1,000 grant. We are very blessed to have this money to support programs for children and thank Lindsey for her work and Walmart for their generous donation.

Kiwanis exists because of its members. We are blessed to have Richard Green, Phil Ohman and Jessica LaPean join us. Many hands make lighter work and there is joy in adding more members. Richard joined to meet new people and to help in the community. He also appreciates the fellowship. Phil joined because he now has time to volunteer. He is just getting started but is already taking an active role. Jessica LaPean has been a partner with us from Friday Memorial Library and has just installed a new book for our Club Signature Project, Storywalk. "A Rock Can Be" by Laura Purdie Salas is our newest Storywalk book at Mary Park. Come "check it out" by walking the trail and reading the book as you walk.

We are proud to welcome Richard, Phil, and Jessica. Nobody can replace Bill Derrick but we carry on to honor him and honor our community. Kiwanis=Kids and we ARE blessed to work together for our children.