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The Artist's Corner: Declaring an art war on America

Hi there! Welcome back to your paper's most unconventional column. I read aloud the following

piece of writing to an audience at the Willow River Writers Anthology book launch at Table 65 a

mere two weeks back. To my great surprise, I was not kicked out of the room and no tomatoes

were thrown! It is a statement which champions the role of the artist as among the most important in a democratic society. This is what I most wish to share for this week's edition of

The Artist's Corner.

The Art War!

When will people awake from the hellish mire of their infinite consumption and realize that art is just as necessary as the Department of Defense or any standing army? When will it be known that the artist is just as good and noble as the soldier or the priest? Perhaps a communication of the necessity of art shall require a grand, diabolic show of art itself. Imagine a country bombarded, as if attacked from the skies above, by the creative expressions of our fellow

man — music, sculpture, writing, painting, theater, etc.! Perhaps what this country needs to wake

up is for it to be bombed with the explosive power of creativity. Indeed, I am hereby calling for a

high 2 st century Renaissance — a revolution for the American heart and intellect.

Forget the art museums. I want to bring the paintings, the sculptures, all the beautiful poems and novels straight into the public's backyard. I don't want anything displayed high upon distant pedestals where no man can touch and prefer to cower. I want a Picasso displayed at the local café. I want to see volumes of Twain, Poe and Rimbaud side-by-side in every bar and restaurant. I want Marcus Aurelius to displace the drowsy Gideon's Bible in every hotel room in

America. I want our great commercial billboards to scream: "You are a conscious creature gifted with a brain consisting of billions of neurons, use them to create something! It is the noble thing for a human being to do!" I want Macbeth performed in the streets. I want giant zeppelins of art, downing missiles of art, released hydrogen bombs of art. I want America leveled.

What is needed to accomplish this vision is a war, primarily because wars are always well-funded, dangerous and passionate. Our culture should transmute its dangerous passions for fear and hatred into the singular passion to create — to dance, sing, paint, write, make love, and finally, to decimate the limited conventions of our consumer society.

Before I take leave, I believe a formal declaration is required:

I, Tylor J. Mintz, hereby declare a war on the United States of America,

To be launched by the constructive power of creative expression.

Peace shall be achieved only by an open minded surrender!

Local happenings

There are three events/opportunities concerning our local artists which citizens of New Richmond and elsewhere should know about.

• Talented musicians will be performing at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 31 (TONIGHT) at the Wild Badger here in New Richmond. Don't miss out on the Badger Jam!

• Third Wheel Project, a community of talented musicians, will be hosting their regular Open Mic Night Tuesday, Nov. 2 at the Tilted Tiki in Stillwater, Minn. Don't miss out on the local talent! Starting at 6 p.m.

• You may still procure a copy of the new book created by your local writers. "The Willow River Writers Anthology 2018" may be purchased at the Friday Memorial Library for just $10. This is not a mere shameless plug just because I am featured in this book. Or, well, perhaps it is! Either way, if you appreciate good writing, you are sure to enjoy this collection of poems and stories from your local authors.

Thanks very much for reading this week's column! Next week we will be meeting up with a very special local artist. For now, I will now sign off with our creative quote for the week: "Artists, to my mind, are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact." — William S. Boroughs.