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Primary is over, election gets rolling

As you read this, the Partisan Primary Election across the state of Wisconsin has concluded, the two candidates for each seat to be decided in November have been selected by the electors and a new round of campaigning has begun.


As a newspaper, this is great news, but as citizens, especially those numbed and cynical of the system and process, it’s setting up to be a season of pain.

Especially at the national level. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The shots continue to be fired between presidential and congressional candidates, but our focus here is, of course, the grassroots - the elections that really matter to those of us living in Western Wisconsin and the rest of the state.

We’re not saying that the national election is not important, it’s just not as important to those of us living in New Richmond and its surrounding areas as those elections pitting candidates attempting to reach the state house.

As always, our focus will be on the county positions - the district attorney and the county treasurer - two seats where candidates will be competing for your vote.

In addition to those local seats, you will also be asked to determine which candidate would be best to represent your interests in Madison.

We ask that you pay attention to the issues that matter most to us. We ask that you seek out the candidates that are left standing after this past Tuesday and inform yourself before November about candidates that will serve your interests best.

We also ask that you don’t look at which party these individuals represent.

That is secondary.

Take a look at their websites and read what they have to say about transportation issues, education issues, agricultural issues, taxation.

You might even give these candidates a call, drop them an email and gosh - maybe even write a letter to be delivered through the U.S. Postal Service.

Pose the tough questions about how they would fight for your interests, whether you’re a farmer, businessman, teacher, truck driver or child care provider.

We are all obliged to arm ourselves with information that will help us fill in the blank circle or pull the right tab when we cast our ballots in November.

Yes, the primary is over, but the hard work is just ahead of us. It won’t be long before the first week of November is staring us in the face and the time to make changes or stay with the status quo will be upon us.

Raymond T. Rivard, editor