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EDITORIAL: Duffy attempts to dodge his constituents

Transparency seems to have become the catchword of this young year.

But don’t tell that to the politicians, though they are the ones who need some tutoring on the definition: “Viewed by light shining through it or by projection.”

If there is a segment of our human population that should abide by the need to be transparent, it’s the politician in a democratic political system.

But let’s be specific today.

This past Sunday just after the dinner hour we received a press notification from Representative Sean Duffy’s camp.

You may know Mr. Duffy as the representative elected to the 7th Congressional District. Yes, he is our congressional rep in Washington, D.C. - an official whose staff should know better.

Issuing a press statement late on a Sunday and announcing a “town hall” meeting to be held in New Richmond at 10 a.m. the following morning is not only “last second,” it’s simply sneaky at best and dishonest at worst.

Raymond T. RivardIf the congressman was intent on keeping the meeting to a minimum of participants, it didn’t work. The place was packed Monday morning with many of the constituents as surly as a black bear waking from its winter nap.

The need to inform and the need to communicate are the fuel that makes this system fly. It’s based upon honesty and inclusion.

Neither could be found coming from Duffy’s office this past week.

He and his minions waited until the very last second to announce Monday’s meeting through the press. He also set it up without allowing folks time to schedule or reschedule so they could make it there.

While many may be fooled once or twice, this type of chicanery doesn’t digest well and voters remember.

Raymond T. Rivard, editor