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EDITORIAL: Chamber effort should draw some attention

The New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce is about to embark on a new "shop local" effort.

Under the direction of a newly established Promotions Committee, the local chamber and its membership will try to better support existing businesses in the community.

The group also seeks to educate the public about local businesses, and the need to support business owners in order to help them continue to operate.

Chamber Director Lisa Woletz said, and we would agree, that too often businesses disappear from the local landscape and people wonder why it happens. There's only one reason that makes sense - they weren't getting enough support from local consumers to stay open.

We whole heartedly support any efforts to boost the local economy. Keeping your dollars local, especially when most consumer needs can be met by a New Richmond area merchant, makes a lot of sense.

Sure, the allure of Twin Cities' malls and big-box stores attracts many of us to spend our cash elsewhere. But if local residents can make a concerted effort to increase their local purchasing by at least 10 or 20 percent, think of what impact that could have on local businesses and the additional jobs they might provide.

Give the "shop local" idea some thought the next time you want to go shopping, and check first to see if those items on your list are available for purchase close to home. It helps the community, and ultimately you, if you buy it here.