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EDITORIAL: St. Croix County's sirens will sing much less often

Thanks to a new notification system being implemented by St. Croix County, the warning sirens in our communities will sound less often in the future.

That's a good thing, as too often the sirens sound a warning that turns out to be nothing in most of the county.

With the county's previous policy, any time a storm warning was issued for St. Croix County, the sirens would sound in every community.

Trouble was, there might be a storm in Hammond while the sun was shining in New Richmond. The distance between many communities meant people were left befuddled when the warnings came.

The new system will split the county into four quadrants. When a storm approaches St. Croix County in the future, the warning sirens will only sound in the communities in harm's way.

The danger of the previous policy was that some people became complacent about the danger posed when the sirens go off. Now, local residents will need to be aware that, if the sirens sound, it's time to seek shelter and find out what's happening.

Sirens are telling people to "Get in" and "Tune in" for more information. By immediately heeding the warning in the future, injuries and deaths can be avoided.