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Letters: Painting pizazz; NRPD says thank you

Painting pizazz


I would like to commend Taylor Berman for the amazing job he has done to beautify downtown New Richmond. The bench and planter murals he has so skillfully painted are inspiring and gorgeous to behold. They make me smile.

Thank you Taylor, for sharing your talents and art with all of New Richmond.

Maggie Wojan

New Richmond


NRPD says thank you


On behalf of the New Richmond Police Department I would like to thank the New Richmond community for its continued support of the New Richmond Police Department K9 unit.

In September 2016 the idea of starting the K9 Unit was brought to the Public Safety Committee. The Public Safety Committee agreed with starting fundraising and requested it go in front of the full city council to approve moving forward with fundraising. The city council agreed and requested that we move forward with fundraising.

We started fundraising by selling T-shirts, stuffed dogs and bandannas. We hosted a Burger Night at Champs in April and the Inaugural K9 Classic (a fun run/walk with your dog) in May. We received generous donations from several area businesses and citizens.

In July 2017, Chief Yehlik wore his kilt after we reached our start up goal of $50,000. The fund is still continuing to grow, which will help with the start-up costs and the continued yearly expenses to keep the K9 Unit for years to come. We appreciate the support we have received for the Unit so far and look forward to future fundraising events to benefit the K9 Unit.

Officer Katie Chevrier was selected as the K9 Handler. She will receive her new partner in early 2018 and they will be attending training in March 2018 at the St. Paul Police Department K9 Training Facility.

The New Richmond Police Department would again like to thank everyone who has sent in donations, bought T-shirts, bandannas and stuffed dogs, and attended one of the many fundraisers we have had to benefit the K9 Unit. Your continued support for this program is greatly appreciated.

Lt. Veronica Koehler

New Richmond Police Department


Who's this "Nobody?"


As one drives around or reads any articles the number one ads are "Help Wanted." Businesses are starting to close because of lack of labor. But, the word is "nobody" wants to work.

Who is this "nobody" they are referring to? I think it is just easier to say "nobody" wants to work then to face the real problem. I think before someone has the right to say "nobody" wants to work, they should have to do research and get a list of these "nobodies" and find out why they aren't working.

I had a conversation with one of my suppliers this morning saying he is so short of help, he wishes instead of a wall they would build a bridge to get more labor to fill the job openings.

Tony R. Huppert

Spring Valley


Demand thoughtful representation


Hurricanes, North Korea, football, and other things have been in all our headlines lately. But while we were looking away a new effort is being pushed along which just might impact us more.

Graham-Cassidy and our own Sen. Johnson believe they have all but one or two votes needed to end Obamacare.

No hearing or CBO evaluations are available, but there is a rush to pass this before Sept. 30. After that date they would need 60 votes for passage. A vote may be scheduled for next week.

What is in this bill? Well Forbes magazine is not a liberal publications, but an article there recently expresses great concern. It asserted that:

• Protections discriminating against pre-existing conditions would be lost

• Lifetime and annual limits could be reinstated

• Essential benefits would no longer be required

• Medicaid which funds elderly, disabled, poor, and half our births would be cut

• Rural areas would suffer and more rural hospitals close

It allows all these things in the name of "state flexibility," and a funding distribution plan which denies residents of different states equal benefits.

Neither you nor I fully understand the full impact of this proposal, but clearly it could have more effects on our lives here than even hurricanes and North Korea.

We have had seven years to plan improvements in our health care system. Should major changes be rushed now just to keep political promises and lower taxes?

If you demand more thoughtful representation of our interests call Sen. Johnson's office, today.

Mark E. Boyken, M.D.

St Croix Falls