Letters to the Editor


Highlighting Stafsholt's successes


I work with your Rep. Rob Stafsholt in the state Assembly, where I serve as Majority Leader. I work with members to get their bills through the committee process and onto the Assembly floor for a full vote. I wanted to share some of the successes from the 29th Assembly District, where first-term Rep. Stafsholt is proving to be an effective voice for western Wisconsin.

Rep. Stafsholt has sponsored legislation that empowers individuals to make good decisions — incentivizing the good rather than using the state as a hammer. He highlights his commitment to making sure the next generation has access to the resources he enjoyed growing up in St. Croix County.

The bills he authored that are now law show he means what he says. One allows for a bank or credit union to create a promotion in order to reward responsible savings and to encourage young people to sign up for savings accounts. Another gives parents the right to decide when their child is ready to learn to hunt through a mentored program. This year, 1,814 mentored deer hunting licenses were sold — over 1,000 of which went to 9-year-olds. A thousand more young

Wisconsinites went in the woods, and not a single one of them got hurt.

I am also working with him on reforms to wetland permitting, to encourage more people to bring jobs to all corners of the state without sacrificing environmental protections. Stafsholt has been tireless, and productive, working for his constituents.

Jim Steineke

State Representative - Wisconsin's 5th Assembly District

Majority Leader of the Wisconsin Assembly