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Letters to the editor: Thank you, Kay Zwald; 40,000 not mentioned

Thank you, Kay Zwald


I wanted to share that I was disappointed with the election results that left Kay Zwald off the St. Croix Central School Board. Kay has served on the SCC Board of Education for over 20 years. During those years, we have built a new high school that is now 18 years old, we started a middle school focused on the needs of adolescents; we have recently enhanced education with great new facilities including a state of the art auditorium; we built a team of outstanding educators and most importantly we have raised the bar on our expectations of ourselves as educators and of our students.

Tricia Rogers will make a great addition to our SCC School Board. She will bring a fresh perspective. Kay's voice has been making a difference for over 20 years. She has been the voice of a strong woman, farmer, landowner, taxpayer, business owner, SCC graduate, loving parent, now proud grandparent and someone who is always committed to what is best for kids. Her voice will be missed on the board. I hope she finds a way to stay engaged and make sure her perspective is heard.

Kay and I had a moment in time when we didn't see eye-to-eye on some matters but I never for a moment doubted her commitment to kids. It has truly been my honor and privilege to have served on the St. Croix Central Board of Education with Kay Zwald for these many years. So many things have been accomplished during her tenure. Quite a legacy, one she and all of us should be very proud of.

Kay, thanks for all you do and have done for our schools, our kids and our community. You are one of the special ones who has always been willing to stand up and be counted. You have made a huge difference. When you tossed your pebble in the pond, it made huge waves. THANKS.

Jeff Redmon

Clerk and Member

St. Croix Central Board of Education

News article comment


I have recently begun reading your newspaper and have enjoyed the local articles and news coverage. However, I must comment on an article, "New Richmond man sentenced in unusual sex crime case", date Thursday, April 5, 2018. There are a couple of references to inappropriate behavior (first described in paragraph # 4) that I would not want anyone in my family to read. If someone really desires to know the specific details of crimes committed by this guy, they can contact the county courthouse and get those details. I think you could have worded the article differently and conveyed to your audience that this guy did some pretty bad things while maintaining an article that is rated for all audiences.

Robert Bachtell

Town of Warren

40,000 not mentioned


I've just read as statistic that claims that 40,000 young people die each year from drug overdoses and the number is rising. I must have missed the incessant reports on the evening news and I'm waiting with baited breath for the student walkout in protest over a death toll that, were it the result of the conflict in the Middle East, would inspire demonstrations and riots nationwide. How is it that a death toll exponentially larger than that of the school shooting in Florida seems to evade even a casual mention on the evening news?

Could it be that those who brought us the widely publicized nationwide student walkout aren't really as interested in the deaths of our young people as they are in their political agenda against constitutionally guaranteed gun ownership in America? A little digging into those who used our children in their quest to disarm America turned up an interesting cast of characters.

A group that sponsored and organized the women's anti-Trump demonstration in Washington, D.C. we're told was the primary sponsor and organizer of the student walkout. Linda Sarsour, a Muslim activist who advocates Sharia law for America, took second billing with Planned Parenthood third on the list. Amazing that an organization responsible for the death of thousands of unborn each year would be concerned about a few of those who slipped through their clutches.

George Soros and Michael Bloomberg are credited with funding the walkout effort. Soros is credited with funding those black masked "demonstrators " that have become a fixture at any pro-American, pro-Trump rally. Bloomberg in his great wisdom wants to dictate to the residents of New York how many ounces of soda they can purchase at a time and wants to outlaw trans-fats and has been on a crusade to convince America's mayors to outlaw, you guessed it: guns. Bloomberg knows what's best for you deplorables. And isn't Soros a foreigner?

Most interesting is the communist Chinese government's interest in gun control here in America. While the media is obsessed with foreign interference in our election process, a foreign power with an adversarial relationship with America that is duping our young people into a nationwide walkout isn't worth a mention. Speaking of communists, the list wouldn't be complete without the communist party USA.

I don't know how Muir, Blitzer and Holt missed these tidbits of information on who used America's children.

Jim Schroeder

New Richmond