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Letters to the Editor

Politics of the heart


I don't believe in change for the better by force. I used to. Now I think that an attempt to change government or culture by force only leads to worse things. Groups are often the convenient medium of such forces. I believe in politics of the heart: objectively viewing and accepting the reality of the world without a dogmatic/ideological bias, and the willingness for the individual to change, to rearrange the contents of his heart in accordance to the reality of that world. I believe in the individual and the heart of that individual.

We must change ourselves before there can be a mass change for the better. I also believe in voting, but only if the candidate you're voting for is practicing his or her own politics of the heart — which very few honestly do. Most just say they do, meanwhile kowtowing to the desires of their corporate donor, their appointed puppet master. These bought-and-paid-for politicians are merely practicing the politics of pulled strings. One should ask himself, and ask himself honestly, is my heart on a string? And if so, whom or what is the pulling force?

Tylor J. Mintz

New Richmond

Aynazi Cyrus to speak in Hudson


Recently Bethel Lutheran Church hosted a speaker on sex trafficking in Wisconsin. Sex (human) trafficking is not a topic that was discussed in private, let alone in public, while I was growing up. Now, it seems as though we have an epidemic on our hands. I know. "Why and how is this happening" in our quiet little community/county/state? We (Midwesterners) don't allow this to happen in our neighborhoods."

Well, folks, IT IS HERE! Right in west-central Wisconsin. According to DHS, Wisconsin is NUMBER 7 in HUMAN TRAFFICKING! (sounds so much better than "SEX TRAFFICKING" doesn't it?)

Why doesn't SOMEONE do something? Why aren't more (other than me) PEOPLE aware and educated?

Wasn't implementing the "Amber Alert" enough? Where are the police reports of incidence of sex trafficking? How many cases of attempted abduction are not reported in the news? Are our children aware of the dangers and what happens?

I see and hear many people demonstrating for socialism, free choice of lifestyle, free choice of having abortions, drug legalization, control, women's equality, gay rights, ethnic equality, and even the practice of Sharia Law ... you name it.

What about the oppression of women under Sharia Law? Isn't that a woman's rights issue? YOU and I have the opportunity to educate ourselves and listen to a woman who has personally

experienced the abuse of a woman under Sharia Law. YOU have the opportunity to become involved!

Aynaz grew up in Iran. As a young child, she was forced to marry. Beaten and raped, she went to the courts but was told to go back to her husband and obey him. With the help of her grandmother, Aynaz managed to escape and spent three years as a refugee on her own in Turkey. After gaining US citizenship in 2010, safety and the freedom to be herself finally became a reality.

Aynazi Cyrus is speaking at the Hudson House on Thursday, May 3 at 6. Come and hear her story.

Learn how Iran has changed and what life is like for women living under sharia. Understand how and why sharia still threatens her today. To learn more about Aynazi, visit her website

Attendees can pre-register by email: A free-will donation will be collected to help defray costs of the event.

Dianne Joachim

New Richmond