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Letters to the Editor

Loyalty Day support


Following the VFW State of Wisconsin's best "Loyalty Day Parade," hosted in New Richmond, we wish to extend our gratitude for the outstanding local government support and encouragement as New Richmond/ St. Croix County VFW Post 10818 took on this great and honorable challenge.

Our membership put in countless hours of volunteer time to make Saturday's event a truly memorable event for participants and parade-goers alike. Working with us on the local level, we have truly appreciated the invaluable input, support and advice afforded us through a volunteer committee of patriotic local citizens. Many of these fine friends and non-combat Veterans are not eligible for membership in our organization but did us a great honor for their moral support and counsel.

Unfortunately, one of those esteemed non-veteran volunteer committee persons (City Council and County Board member Scottie Ard) appears to have made an error in her re-election campaign article published in your newspaper last March. She inappropriately labeled herself the "Director" of the VFW State Loyalty Day Parade." When we pointed this factual error out to her, she graciously indicated she would "correct the record" and the paper issued a correction notice in the April 26th edition, however, the correction still contained inaccuracies.

To reiterate our appreciation for the support rendered to us by members of the nonveteran community throughout St. Croix County, we have, nonetheless, written to correct the factual record. The only actual parade officials directing or coordinating this project were, and had to be, members in good standing of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Wisconsin and/or our VFW Post 10818. Our non-member friends gave us wonderful advice and information but did not "direct" or "coordinate" the event. Thank you one and all, and our thanks to the Editor for this opportunity to set the records straight.

Dave Green - Loyalty Day Parade Chairman

Ron Ramos - Loyalty Day Parade Co-chair / Commander Elect