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Letters to the Editor

A declaration of the art war


When will people awake from the hellish and mindless mire of their infinite consumption and realize that art is just as important, just as necessary (if not more so) than the Department of Defense, or any standing army? When will it be known that the artist is just as good, just as noble as the soldier, or the priest? Perhaps a communication of the natural necessity and vitality of art shall require a grand, diabolic show of art itself. Imagine a country bombarded, as if attacked from the skies above by the creative expressions of our fellow man — music, sculpture, writing, painting, theater, etc. Perhaps what this country needs to wake up is for it to be bombed with the explosive power of creativity. Indeed, I am hereby calling for a high 21st century Renaissance — a revolution for the American heart and intellect!

Forget the contemporary art museums. I want to bring the paintings, the sculptures, the beautiful poems and novels (old and new) straight into the public's backyard. I don't want anything displayed high upon distant pedestals where no man can touch and prefer to cower. I want a Picasso displayed at the local café. I want to see volumes of Twain, Poe and Rimbaud side-by-side in every bar and restaurant, I want Marcus Aurelius to displace the drowsy Gideon's bible in every hotel room in America. I want our great commercial billboards to scream "You are a conscious creature gifted a brain consisting of billions of neurons, use them to create something! It is the noble thing for a human being to do!" I want Macbeth performed in the streets. I want giant zeppelins of art, downing missiles of art, released hydrogen bombs of art. I want America leveled.

What is needed to accomplish this vision is a war of course, primarily because wars (especially in this country) are always well funded, and supported. What is needed is an equivalent of passion — from fear, hatred and xenophobia transmuted into the passion to create — to dance, sing, paint, write, sculpt, make love, and finally, to murder the body of convention. Convention will always be a dead thing, in any case. Convention is a corpse which society constantly drags around by a loose twine wrapped around their ankles, believing it only the necessary etiquette and that there is still life within it. But there isn't. Convention is a cold cadaver of unimaginative paradigms succored into clenched, anal-tight fists of mindless, wantless, stultified men, struck stupid and lost within the void of total consumer-constriction. A formal declaration is required:

I, Tylor J. Mintz hereby declare a war on the United States of America,

To be launched by the constructive power of creative expression.

Peace shall be achieved only by an open minded surrender!


Tylor Mintz

New Richmond

St. Croix Cannabis referendum


Well now that the St. Croix County Sheriff's Office, along with 12 county police departments, came out against putting a non-binding cannabis referendum on this fall's general election ballot until totally vetted, it appears that they were not consulted by the County Administrative Committee on this move at any prior time. It also appears that no other potentially affected entities within our county were consulted either. Were other municipalities across the country contacted to review impacts + and - where it already is in effect?

Maybe this Administrative Committee knows more than anyone or maybe is only interested in the revenue potentially bought in rather than anything resembling citizen safety as a starter. Also, where did the data the Committee looked at come from? Who provided it? Was it one-sided so as to come from only one perspective (the revenue side) to justify their positions? Maybe?

These admin members who voted for this should be overwhelmed with constituent queries demanding their rationale for passing this. There were 4 of 5 who voted for it, and 4 minutes discussion time prior to vote? What next, a sanctuary county? Oh yes, that was already mentioned early last year. All I can say is keep abreast of your County Board officials and be knowledgeable of what their actions are; let them know how you feel on topics. Demand accountability from them. Go to our county's website and check out meeting minutes and agendas. We have to be involved at local levels where we CAN make a difference!

Oh by the way, St. Croix is not the only county in Wisconsin considering a cannabis referendum.

Gene Aichele

Town of Richmond

Ox Cart Day Parade detour


Please consider this letter notification of the dtours that will be implemented on Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018 between 1:15-3:15 p.m. for the annual Ox Cart Day Parade in the village of Star Prairie.

Highway 65 northbound will be detoured eastbound on County Road H to 150th Street, northbound to Saratoga Avenue back to Highway 65 northbound.

Highway 65 southbound will be detoured eastbound on Saratoga Avenue to 150th Street, southbound to County Road H, westbound back to Highway 65 southbound.

Eastbound County Road H into the village will be redirected to Huntington Drive or County Road C.

Eastbound County Road M into the village will be redirected to Huntington Drive to County Road H.

Please note these detours and expect possible delays in your travels during these times.

Chief Joshua Hecht

Star Prairie Police Department