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Letters to the Editor

Good help is hard to find


We have come into those times again. The times where if a kid don't like his job he can quit and go down the street and get another job.

I just had a conversation with the owner of Pete's Pizza. A great place to eat. Steve informed me today that he would not be open on Mondays. He knew I would be disappointed, and to be real, he was doing the best he could. But truly he is overworked. He needs some time off. He has been working seven days a week since November. Except for the four days this summer they closed the restaurant because they just couldn't keep going.

Steve couldn't find a capable manager to run the place while he took the day off, but the real problem is, he didn't have enough people to keep it going either. It would take about three people to cover the things he does when he is there. And there has been a problem finding good capable help. People who will come when they say they will come, who will give a two-week advance notice when they want a day off. People who can wash dishes, make and serve food and make pizza. People who can do more than just one thing. With so many places hiring it's hard to find good help.

I do remember these times about 15 or 20 years ago. I overheard a kid say, when he was talking about what he was going to do or say to the manager, that if the manager didn't like it he would go down the street and get another job. These times are not good for kids. They don't learn commitment or how to take the bad times with the good times. If they don't like something they just quit and go get another job. They can do that because there are so many places looking for help.

If you are parents, encourage your kids to get a job, not so much to make money but because the businesses in the area need help. Point out they will get a better start on life if they learn to save some of that money and make payments on a new car, one they won't have to pay a mechanic to fix, make the payments on the new car and not the mechanic.

Not all jobs are going to be fun, and encourage them to stick it out. Some places are not good to work for. If it's the case then yes, find another employer. But encourage young kids to start a job, somewhere.

Pat Schottler

New Richmond

NR soccer thanks you


The Fall soccer season in New Richmond is just beginning. Before it does, I wanted to take the

opportunity to thank all of our sponsors that made it such a great past year. It is not easy to run

a local soccer club, and the New Richmond Soccer Club wants to especially thank its sponsor

partners for helping.

Thank you to the New Richmond Area Centre, Bernards, NP Design and Photography, Moore Imprints, First National Community Bank, SF Insurance group, Dowd Reliance Insurance, and New Richmond Dental. Thanks also to all of those other people who helped behind the scenes. Thanks to all the parents and their patience running the players all over the place. And of course thanks to all of our New Richmond players for another great, competitive season.

A few weeks ago we had our 18th annual 5v5 tournament here in New Richmond. We held it at

Freedom Park, and thanks to the partnership with the city, the fields were beautiful. We had the

largest turnout ever, with 43 teams and 364 players. Teams came to our town from as far away

as Rochester and Monticello, Minn. And after the last two years, we could finally host them with

perfect weather.

So, thanks so much to all who help make such an amazing and successful year for the New

Richmond soccer players. And now as we begin the Fall season and as we continue to grow,

we look forward to continuing our community partnerships and forming new ones. We know that

a local club is only as strong as its community support. Thanks for all of yours.

Scott Herron

New Richmond