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Letters to the Editor

Kwik Trip site plan should bring concern


Kwik Trip is attempting to build a second site at the corner of North Knowles Avenue and North Shore Drive in New Richmond, bordering the Willow River. This involves potential fuel tank storage of 70,000+ gallons that will be placed under water in the widespread which connects to the Willow River and St. Croix River. Potential water usage will be 200,000+ gallons per month from the car wash.

WisDOT's traffic report predicts 6,000+ trips in/out per day causing potential traffic congestion driving through the city, and safety issues for pedestrians as there are no sidewalks along streets near the site.

All citizens of New Richmond should be concerned about the environmental impact on the Willow River watershed (clean water, oil and diesel fuel do not mix!). There may also be an impact on the wildlife that inhabit the area. There will be a public meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18 at the Civic Center regarding Kwik Trip. Please come to this meeting to learn more about plans for this business, to have questions answered and to voice opinions.

Nan and Larry Reinhardt

New Richmond

Jeff and Wendy Thompson

New Richmond

Be informed on health care issues


Access to affordable health care and prescription medicine is one of the most important issues in the upcoming state elections. If it is important to you, you need to be informed regarding the candidates' position on health care for Wisconsin residents.

To be an informed voter is not easy. Many individuals and organizations have distributed information that is misleading, incomplete or false.

A Wisconsin organization (PATH) provides nonpartisan, truthful information and analysis on health care. PATH's focus is healthcare in Wisconsin. PATH seeks to provide both facts and truth: facts regarding all aspects of health care as well as truthful conclusions about healthcare and health insurance based on careful research and evidence rather than on whim or party politics. We wish to promote accountability, transparency and accuracy among healthcare providers, health insurance companies and makers of public healthcare policy. We have also

carefully compiled information provided by political candidates, included some questions to ask candidates about health insurance, and offered our analysis of the positions taken by candidates.

I urge you to visit our web site at or contract us at

Be an informed voter this fall. Vote for candidates who support your interest regarding access to affordable health care and prescription medicine.

Glenn Potts

PATH member

River Falls