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Motocross racing has become a family tradition for Bloyers

Chris Bloyer, who has won multiple motocross championships, races around a corner on his bike.

Motocross racing has become a family tradition for Chris Bloyer, who has been racing since he was a young child.

"I started racing when I was probably 4," Bloyer said.

Bloyer said his father was a fan of racing, so he quickly developed the same interest in the sport.

"My dad owned a motocross track and I just got into it that way," Bloyer said. "He raced probably from the early 70s and then I started doing it."

According to Bloyer, his father stopped racing in about 1988 so the tradition was lost. In about 1996, they got back into it, and now Bloyer's son Travis joined in.

"Travis has been doing it since he was about 3 and a half," Bloyer said. "He's 9 now."

Bloyer said many parents and kids do motocross together and it is a good family bonding activity.

"It's definitely a family sport," Bloyer said. "There is a lot of kids involved with it and their parents do it."

This summer, Bloyer said they will be participating in 14 races throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois. So far, they've complete nine races.

Most recently, Chris and Travis Bloyer traveled to Kewaunee for a race on Aug. 5.

"I got second out of 15 guys and battled with the leader all the way through the race," Bloyer said. "The furthest I was behind was six seconds for two hours and 10 minutes of racing."

Travis finished fourth in his class and had a very good race.

Previously, the Bloyers traveled to the town of Mountain in Oconto County for a race on July 29.

"I ended up working the race because they needed some extra help and Travis won his class and was riding really good," Bloyer said.

Bloyer said his son was very happy about his big win.

"He was very excited and then he was off to play with his friends at the track while I was working the big race," he said. "We have another race this weekend as well."

Bloyer said he has traveled all over for races, including to Florida, and has won about 20 state championships.

According to Bloyer, a typical race in his class has about 15 to 20 riders.

"I think the smallest race I've been has had 11 people in it and the most is like 23," Bloyer said.

When they race, both Chris and Travis Bloyer wear helmets, shoulder pads, pants, boots, gloves and goggles as a safety precaution. However, Bloyer said he does not worry too much about safety.

"You can get hurt doing anything," he said.

Overall, Bloyer said this is a family tradition that he and his son and many other families share together.

"I like to do it for the sportsmanship," Bloyer said. "It's a nice family activity too. There is a lot of good people involved with it."