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Wells adds to his state powerlifting record

Terry Wells of New Richmond is shown breaking the state record with a deadlift of 655.9 pounds. Wells held the previous state record. Submitted photo

Terry Wells began powerlifting in 2016.

He's already breaking his own state records.

On April 21, Wells competed in the fifth powerlifting meet of his career. And he broke the state deadlift record, which he set last fall. Wells, of New Richmond, set the deadlift record of 650 pounds last fall. At the April 21 meet in Maplewood, he topped it with a record-breaking lift of 655.9 pounds.

The record Wells broke last year had previously been held by Shawn Cain, another lifter from New Richmond, which had been set in 2007. Their lifts were certified by USA Powerlifting, the leading drug-free lifting association in the nation.

Wells set his most recent record at a meet titled "The American Strength Masters Brawl." Wells said, after breaking the record last fall, his goal became to add to his record while also increasing his total lifts.

"I worked hard this year on increasing my technique and trying to push my limits since I knew I had more left in the tank on my record deadlift in August. I came into this meet with a good training plan but the last two months I had some viruses that were going around and I pulled a muscle in my back two weeks before the meet but it healed up just in time," Wells said.

Wells is a 1988 New Richmond High School graduate. He started weight lifting in high school, but it wasn't until the past few years that he decided to become a competitive powerlifter.

Dave Newman

Dave Newman has been the sports editor at the New Richmond News since 1988. He has covered the action in the Middle Border Conference, Dunn-St. Croix Conference and Big Rivers Conference for more than 30 years.

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