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Fundraising trends upward for St. Croix County Fairgrounds

The Friends of the St. Croix County Fairgrounds in partnership with the St. Croix County 4-H Horse Committee and with continued support from the St. Croix County 4-H Dairy Committee are well on the way to a successful year of fundraising towards retiring the note on Horse Barn #1. The stretch goal is to fully retire the note in 2018 and move on to the next project.

The Friends of the St. Croix County Fairgrounds' "Renovations for the Generations Capital Fund Drive" is a comprehensive, capital fund drive to update and improve the Fairgrounds for generations to come.

The total scope of the project includes a dairy complex, horse barn, updated/replaced sheep and swine buildings and a four season, multi-purpose building. This project is supported by St. Croix County Fair, Inc., Friends of the St. Croix County Fairgrounds and the Dairy, Horse and Livestock committees. Additionally, the project has been endorsed by the St. Croix County Board and the Glenwood City City Council. A key objective of the Renovations Project is to ensure continued vibrant support of the County's rich agricultural fair heritage which dates back to the first Intercounty Fair held in 1910.

Thanks to the generous support and hard work of many, the St. Croix County 4-H Horse & Dairy committees and the Friends of the St. Croix County Fairgrounds are having a successful year, raising over 50 percent of the 2017 stretch goal of $50,000 towards retiring the note on Horse Barn #1. The 2017 May Fair Event & Sale netted more than $17,000 above expenses, a great result thanks to the generosity of both donors and buyers. Additionally, Friends has continued to receive significant new grants and donations from a wide range of donors including community foundations, the ag sector, civic groups, businesses and many individuals.

Of particular note is the long standing support of the Roberts Ribbon Reapers 4-H Club. Shortly after the Fair acquired 19 additional acres in 1999, the Roberts Ribbon Reapers decided to hold their annual garage sale with the proceeds committed to supporting construction of new buildings on the Fairgrounds. To date they have donated over $16,000 — a major accomplishment for a 4-H club!

In addition to the funding activities of the Friends, over the past year, the St. Croix Valley PRCA Rodeo constructed the Horse Complex Pavilion, the Livestock Project constructed the Livestock Scale House and an anonymous donor funded the installation of an electronic entrance sign. All three projects are great additions to the Fairgrounds.

Current fundraising efforts are focused on successfully completing the 2017 Renovations for Generations Raffle before moving onto the Fall Commodity Drive. The raffle, with a grand prize of $1,000, started in 2007 and is largely driven by the combined sales efforts of the County 4-H clubs.

This project is being built "one brick at a time" and all gifts of any size are gratefully appreciated. Want more information? Contact Chris Libbey at 651-247-0395.