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Persistence pays off for young fisherman

Eight-year-old Charlie Hatch of Hudson has been hoping for a catch like this Northern Pike for the past three years, fishing with his uncle in northern Minnesota. Photos courtesy of Casey Hatch1 / 2
This lure must seem like magic to 8-year-old Charlie Hatch, who was using it in northern Minnesota when he caught a trophy Northern Pike.2 / 2

Hudson resident Charlie Hatch had the trip of a lifetime fishing in northern Minnesota earlier this month with his uncle, Casey Hatch.

"He's been coming up with me fishing, in search of huge muskies for the past three seasons and he finally caught a true trophy fish!" Casey said.

He snagged a 41-inch Northern Pike while casting more than eight hours a day for a week straight each year, Casey said.

Along with the trophy Northern Pike he caught, Charlie Hatch will probably cherish this lure."And into his third year attempting to succeed, he said 'I saw something following my lure when I was reeling it in, but I thought it was weeds again, then it came up and just opened its mouth and ate it!'" Casey said. "It wasn't long and everyone in the boat scrambled to get the net, assuming it was a large musky. Nope, it was a record class northern pike!"

Casey said he has been fishing all over the upper Midwest for 40 years and hasnever seen a Northern Pike that big in the U.S. "And I've caught and seen a lot caught," he added.

Casey deems Charlie's story as "inspirational," one of determination, perseverance, and a positive attitude when facing a challenge year after year, mostly unsuccessful.

"At 8 years old, we all can learn from his character," Casey said. "After all, when you're fishing for monster muskies and northern pike, there's no participation award. It's succeed or fail, win or lose. But Charlie has learned that persistence pays....and has a passion for being on the water, fish or no fish."